Thursday, July 2, 2009

give thanks to zain bikha

what if your scroll doesn't mean anything??

huhu...I'm not blogging since about a month?is it?

I'm not writing to comment about my life rite now for not getting any jobs outside there. it's very hard to find a suitable jobs with our qualifications nowadays. furthermore, my plan to further study seem nothing better than last month. nobody answered my mail to be my supervisor for doing research in organic synthesis, or at least organic in natural product...urgh..i wonder why He gave me this type of i able to defeat this hardness?

most of my friends had already further study in their own field or work as chemist in private premises. sometimes, i felt regret for taking JPA's scholarship...if not, by this time, I've been working as a chemist too in private sector.'allah..(i should not said harsh thing like this)..every little things that happen in our daily life has the reason which we said as ada hikmah disebaliknya...

"Allah tidak akan membebani hambanya dengan ujian yang tidak dapat ditanggung oleh hambanyaa itu", insya'allah, i will always be strong in anything that i do..and i believe that one day, i still have a bright future..i just have to try harder!

~i love the spirit of self motivational~