Thursday, June 21, 2012


"Its easy to forgive but not to forget"

if you did a mistake from others, it is compulsory to seek forgiveness from him. It was said, whenever you're seeking for forgiveness you should tell the person your mistakes towards him even as minute as dust.

Me: Sorry, aku banyak buat salah kat kau =(
Him: Xpe, ok je. Aku maafkan

(Lol. cube try cakap kesalahan in detail. cube try ni)

Me: Sorry, aku ngata kko semalam, kutuk ko kaw2 aritu.. heeee... semlam aku calarkan kereta kau...
Him: Huh? xde maaf bagimu.

Normal. Nasib la, die nak maafkan ko ke x...
yang penting, ko dah mintak maaaf, sot, let allah do the rest to lenient him.

But, for sure, it is not easy to forget one mistake. It needs time to heal and cure the wound. because, it will still left the scar...


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