Saturday, October 10, 2009

esok keleja lah...


working got much more pressure and distress compared with study (degree level). huhu...
esok dah start kerja. a loads of work have to get done. malasnyer!! what is the best purification techniques for chalcone?????

i'm not the type of giving-up person, but since the last two months worked as the research assistant, i felt a lot of pressure. besides having problems with the synthesizing method, i also didn't have a lots of friend to share the feeling of being lonely! often, i tried to make myself happy by hanging up with some sort of friends and old-hostel-mate or ex-classmate, but still my level of happy emotions were still under warning degree. soul is not really happy.

i am very much sure, if my emotions is going up to stabilized, i won't have the eagerness to go home every singles weekend = run away from the work-environment. i really need to undergo psychological treatment so that i can lead a merely happy life even though tons of work were bulging me.

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