Monday, October 5, 2009

the youngest in the family...

i had the strange feeling..why my youngest brother hate me sooo much..he was the loveliest boy once at the age 6 years where we shared stories about syurga and neraka..nabi2....
now, he's already a grown up boy at the age 13. the problems is, whenever he is with me, the only thing that we do is only fighting through some silliest think. sometimes, we fought over tiny thing.

last week, my cousin told me that he fought with his school mate age 14. acting like a gangster, he punch that stupid boy too. then, as a big sister, i told my parents about this issue so that they can fix this matter before it became biggest issue involving the teacher and police (might be!). later, after being questioned by dad, he sms me telling me that i'm the worst sister he'd ever had. and said that he would be truly happy if i die. oh, at that moment when i read the sms, i just can't ignored it. i was trembling because i didn't meant to make he hate me hold grunge with me as his sister. i told my mother about the sms that he sent to me, then my mother talk with him to apologized with me. later that night, he came to my room and shook hand wit me as an apologize. but, i knew deep into his heart, he was not actually sincere with this..

he will keep hating me more..

the only thing that i want to do now, is pray that he will change someday...

p/s: a friend of mine advised me to give him holy water (air yassin) to him..

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  1. nasihat la adik tu baik2
    biasanya umur form 1, 2, 3 tu budak2 laki ikut pengalaman saya memang senang jadi rebellious
    masa tu la diorang senang terpengaruh dgn kawan2...