Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i need someone to understand me...

today, nothing to stress out.. my synthesis for the past two months were not deliberately too good. after run for NMR, there're a lot of unwanted side products. so, i need to do some sort of purification work up that is crystallization.

huhu..life's sometimes felt terrible especially when there are many obstacles that we have to go through. often, i am not happy with what i did today.. i felt lonely because this new environment is quite different with the previous university. i did not have a lot of friends to laugh and cry like used to. this is soooooo bad for me. i need someone to share my problems with.. what should i do to be someone that is so friendly to others? here, i did not talk much, being like a stupid-shy girl..this is soo soo not me!!

what should i do...


  1. salam t-rah!!! da de blog eh
    visit laaa blog kite plak..hehe

  2. hoho..alhamdulillah..try2 since may 2009..baru belajar cemane nak add kengkawan...thanks zieha..for sure i'll review yours.