Friday, October 9, 2009

open house+accident!

Yesterday was an absolutely buziestttt day (19th syawal). my family held an open house day for the Hospital Pontian's and Kulai's staffs. variety of foods were served such as laksa johor, keli masak pecal, ayam masak merah, sayur pisang and the dessert was must-and-only-be puding koktail (nyummy2..). hehe..aku dah pancit sangat2 semalam...penat gile!

early that morning, my little brother had an accident. that 13 years old boy was motorcycling (better call it as racing ) and unfortunately he fall into a hole and hurt his head and back. served him right because he did not help my parents to manage the household chores. 14 stitches on the hard headed boy! forgot to take his picture so that i can put the quarter-bald-head-boy pic here. biar die tahu malu..hahaha..

ok, we are going to Kluang for a walimatul urus ceremony.. uncle Rahimin's daughter.

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